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Peer-Reviewed Publication University of Bristol With the Olympics underway, higher testosterone has often been linked to sporting success, and other kinds of success too.

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But beyond sport, new research has found little evidence that testosterone meaningfully influences life chances for men or women.

In fact, the study suggests that despite the social myths surrounding testosterone, it could be much less important than previously thought. It is already known that in men testosterone is linked retinopatia diabetica no proliferativa socioeconomic position, such as income or educational qualifications.

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The findings are published today [28 July] in Science Advances. To isolate effects of testosterone itself, the research team applied an approach called Mendelian randomization in a sample ofUK adults from UK Biobank.

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They explored testosterone's influence on socioeconomic position, including income, employment status, neighbourhood-level deprivation, and educational qualifications; on health, including self-rated health and BMI, and on risk-taking behaviour. Our results suggest that, despite a lot of mythology surrounding testosterone, its social implications may have been over-stated.

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Consequently, any association of an outcome with variants linked to testosterone would strongly suggest an influence of testosterone on the outcome. Similar to previous studies the research found that men with higher testosterone had higher household income, lived in less deprived areas, and were more likely to have a university degree and a skilled job.

In women, higher testosterone was linked to lower socioeconomic position, including lower household income, living in a more deprived area, and lower chance of having a university degree. Consistent with previous evidence, higher testosterone was associated with better health for men and poorer health for women, and greater risk-taking behaviour for men.

Bartfai, Tamas

In contrast, there was little evidence that the testosterone-linked genetic variants were associated with any outcome for men or women. The research team concluded that there is little evidence that testosterone meaningfully affected socioeconomic position, health, or risk-taking in men or women.

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The study suggests that - despite the mythology surrounding testosterone - it might be much less important than previously claimed. Results for women were less precise than results for men, so the influence of testosterone in women could be studied in more detail in the future using larger samples.

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A study of male executives found that testosterone was higher for those who had more subordinates. A study of male financial traders found that higher testosterone correlated with greater daily profits.

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Other studies have reported that testosterone is higher for more highly educated men, and among self-employed men, suggesting a link with entrepreneurship. There is evidence from experiments that testosterone can make a person more assertive or more likely to take risks - traits which can be rewarded in the labour market, for instance during wage negotiations.

But there are other explanations. For example, a link between higher testosterone and success might simply reflect an influence of good health on both.

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Alternatively, socioeconomic circumstances could affect testosterone levels. About the Health Foundation The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK. About Mendelian Randomization Information on Mendelian Randomization: a method of using variation in genes of known function between people to examine the causal effect of a modifiable exposure i.

The use of genetics takes away any potential measurement, or human, error associated with questionnaires and participant recall which are often used to record lifestyle factors such as level of physical activity.

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It uses genetics, population data and experimental interventions to look for the underlying causes of chronic disease. The unit exploits the latest advances in genetic and international journal of experimental diabetes research technologies. We develop new analysis methods to improve understanding of how our family background, behaviours and genes work together.

Using these to investigate how people develop and remain healthy or become ill.

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About UK Biobank UK Biobank is international journal of experimental diabetes research major national and international health resource, and a registered charity in its own right with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of serious and life-threatening illnesses — including cancer, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, eye disorders, depression and forms of dementia. UK Biobank recruitedpeople aged between years in from across the country to take part in this project.

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They have undergone measures, provided blood, urine and saliva samples for international journal of experimental diabetes research analysis, detailed information about themselves and agreed to have their health followed. Over many years this will build into a powerful resource to help scientists discover why some people develop particular diseases and others do not.

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