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Other information regarding inpatient care In Block A of the Internal Medicine Clinic the following services are available: general medicine, nephrology, endocrine-metabolic and intensive care. There are beds available for inpatient care of which 25 are for intensive care.

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Nephrology: There are 24 beds available in the nephrology ward; check-up and treatment is offered for general nephrological patients who need inpatient care. The unit provides level 3 the highest progressive care such as, renal biopsy, immuno-suppressive treatment, plasmapheresis, biological therapy, permanent dialysis and PD catheter implantation, vascular interventions for patients from Hajdú-Bihar and Heves county, and for patients with acute or chronic renal diseases, patients on dialysis and kidney transplant patients from other areas of the country by appointment who diabetes and endocrinology doctors near me specific interventions or treatments.

diabetes and endocrinology doctors near me

The intensive care unit of the clinic is also available, if needed. As part of the complex care of inpatients of the ICUs the Nephrology Department provides all types of bedside treatment, the extracorporeal organ replacement treatments, including conventional, intermittent hemodialysis, continuous replacement therapy, CytoSorb-treatments, plasmapheresis and other, selective apheresis and liver support therapies.

Endocrinology: The assessment and treatment of endocrine diseases pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, adrenal gland discovered or deemed probable at the specialist outpatient clinic are performed here.

diabetes and endocrinology doctors near me

Tests are given as part of the assessment procedure and tests, which need institutional facilities. In co-operation with the Nuclear Medicine Institute isotope therapy of patients with differentiated thyroid gland tumors are given.

diabetes and endocrinology doctors near me

Metabolic diseases: Check-up and treatment of patients with newly discovered diabetes, or ketoacidosis. Treatment of diabetic patients with acute and chronic complications, and diabetic patients whose anti-diabetic therapy needs significant modification, or who require education. Management of patients with insulin pumps.

Staffing is unbelievably disrespectful. They were not concerned about my well being whatsoever.

Examinations are performed in the case of patients with familial hypercholesterinemia or very high cholesterol levels; examinations for patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia and LDL apheresis or plasmapheresis are also available, if needed in co-operation diabetes and endocrinology doctors near me the Nephrology Department.

Check-up, life-style therapy, initiation of medicinal therapy and decisions about surgical indications for severely obese patients with complications. Updated:

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